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February 28 2020

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today in “things i’m disproportionately emotional about”:









it’s facial reconstructions of prehistoric humans!!

like, look at this part-homo sapiens, part-neandertal man from well over 30,000 years ago:

doesn’t he just look like a dude you’d wanna hang out with? like he probably washes dishes in the kitchen with you, and has excellent weed

what a charming fellow. what stories he probably has to tell. i’d definitely go shoot the shit with him on Contemplation Rock after i’d finished my day’s work carving a bone flute for the autumn hunting ceremony, or whatever

people have been people ever since people first became people, i tell you what

they all had lives and histories and families and friends and dumb gossip and games they played and total bullshit in which they believed wholeheartedly

they all argued about the nature of the world, and of themselves

they all sang songs

they all drew pictures

they all buried their dead in graves, and they buried their dead in graves well before they did a lot of that other stuff. they buried their dead with flowers, with panther claws, with the bones of animals they’d killed, with the bones of family members who had died at the same time or earlier. they buried their dead with their arms folded across their chests

they fell in love

they took care of their old and their sick and their disabled, even when it cost them

they made new things, and worried about what the new things meant for people everywhere, as a whole

Oh I like him he looks like he would appreciate my jokes

This dude would have great stories at a get-together and would bring some really great homemade dip. 

I feel like he really digs Lo-Fi Music

This guy was sculpted by Alfons and Adrie Kennis, and their Neanderthal reconstructions are all delightful

I love the kid in the last picture a lot- they look like a kid, just a little kid who’s done some mischief and is trying not to laugh about it.

I also adore their Lucy- they’ve struck a wonderful balance between the falling angel and the rising ape.

And their Turkana boy- there’s something precious and wistful in those eyes. 

But my favorite has got to be their reconstruction of H. floresiensis.

Just look at her. That’s a face of someone who’s lived and seen a lot, but also a face that’s known love and joy and laughter. That’s a face with a soul

They are all beautiful

What an amazing work, Kennis & Kennis! 

why… why is Lucy looking at me like she’s my granny?…

she is your granny.

February 27 2020

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February 26 2020

Dbałość o samego siebie, dobre rozeznanie we własnym wnętrzu to również dbałość o związek. Nie wystarczy kochać do szaleństwa. Od wpatrywania się w zachwycie w naszego wybranka skuteczniejsze jest spoglądanie we własne wnętrze.
— Piotr Pietucha, Dożywotni Kochankowie.
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February 25 2020

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February 24 2020

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February 23 2020

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Jaki kraj, taki Mandalorian
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February 21 2020

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February 20 2020

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February 19 2020

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February 18 2020

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